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23rd June 18
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GCSE Revision

BBC Bitesize - Triple Science Revision


These pages are tailor-made to help you to revise for the AQA exams with a combination of notes, animations and quizzes (click on the picture below):


Year 11 GCSE exams - Summer 2014


Prepare for your exams by having a go at past papers using the link on the right hand side. Year 11 sets 1 and 2 will be sitting the B2 and B3, C2 and C3 and P2 and P3 papers. Set 1 will also take the B1, C1 and B1 papers in addition to this. Set 3 will be sitting the AQA GCSE Additional Applied Science paper as well as re-taking their B1, C1 and P1 exams. Seta 4 and 5 will take the AQA Additional Science exams. Try them out and either mark them yourselves (using the mark schemes) or hand them in to your teacher for more constructive feedback. You can download the Chemistry specification here.

Work hard and good luck! Mr Day.


Year 10 exams - June 2014

Use the BBC Bitesize link at the top of this page (i.e.the fish!) for general revision if you are in Year 10 GCSE Science set.

For past papers, mark schemes and examiners reports, visit the AQA website:

Feel free to bring them to revision sessions or to hand them in for marking when they're done.

AQA Past Papers

  • Triple Science Biology
  • Triple Science Chemistry
  • Triple Science Physics


    This is a free website for students to revise for exams. You will need to register, and then navigate to the relevant AQA Science module. You will then find a number of games that will help you to learn key words and ideas.


    Wondering why your school should use What2Learn? Here is a selection of recent comments...

    "A games site that teachers will be pleased with!"
    "Hi, just wanted to say thank you!! I lose motivation easily if revision is boring and so your website has been a great help to me."
    Year 11 student
    "a motivating medium for learning across all subjects"
    TRE Moderator




    The FREE GCSE and A-level revision site

    Click on the new look S-cool Revision website. We are dedicated to providing high quality revision material totally FREE. Within the site you will find all sorts of subjects as well as hints and tips about passing your exams, career advice and information on life after exams and if you need a break why not tune into - S-cool TV!

    Over the next few weeks we will be adding loads of new content, so make sure you check back regularly or let us know what you want!

    Enter S-Cool here


    Stokesley Science Revision


    Stokesley School's own revision website. It is aimed at students following the AQA GCSE Science qualifications.

    Visit Stokesley Science


    | revising revision

    This site was recommended to us by the Head of Physics at The Leys School in Cambridge. The site has a very large Physics section with specific support for the AQA course, in particular the ISA.

    Enter here



    Use Science for clear and detailed science notes, to help you get the information you need to pass your exams.

    This site aims to provide everything you need to know for your GCSEs, in an easy to understand way, using straightforward diagrams and clear language.

    Enter scienceaid here